What to Expect

Our facilities have been designed with patient comfort in mind.  If you require an overnight sleep study, we want you to feel right at home. We have created our bedrooms to resemble home bedrooms, complete with a television and bathrooms.

Our technologists have undergone rigorous training and are available to you throughout the night.  Your safety, comfort and care are a primary concern.  Patients are typically asked to arrive for their study at 8:45 pm and usually leave the following morning between 6 am and 6:30 am.  During a sleep study several aspects of sleep are analyzed, including brain waves, heart activity, breathing, and body movements.  All monitoring is non-invasive and the majority of patients are able to sleep as well in the laboratory as they do at home.

If you are preparing for an overnight study, remember to avoid alcohol completely on the day of your study.  Caffeinated beverages should be avoided after 12:00 pm on the day of your study.  Since the pillows in the laboratory may be unfamiliar to you, consider bringing your own for the study.  It is also recommended that you wash your hair before you arrive.  We ask that your hair be dry, and clean. The sleep technologists will be applying electrodes to your scalp. Bring any medications you would normally take unless directed otherwise by your physician.

Take your medications as you do nomally.  If you have an illness on the day of your study that might interfere with your ability to breathe or sleep, call the laboratory for advice on how to proceed.

Please watch the following video as it contains a good description of the sleep study process.