Advanced PAP

Our technologists are trained to administer the most advanced and current forms of PAP to our patients.  Because all our labs are equipped with Respironics OmniLab™ machines, we can use:

• CPAP, with or without C-Flex (for pressure relief) - for most patients that do not have a Neuro-Muscular Disorder associated with Sleep Disordered Breathing.
• BiPAP®, with or without flex and back-up timing - for patients that cannot tollerate CPAP, or have COPD
• BiPAP autoSV (Not Auto BiPAP!) - This newer form of ventilation is designed for patients that present with Periodic Breathing Disorders like: Complex Sleep Apnea (CPAP emergent Central Apnea), Closed Airway Centrals, or Cheyne-Stokes Respirations.
• BiPAP AVAPS - This newer form of ventilation is designed for patients who need non-invasive ventilatory support due to a respiratory insufficiency like: difficulty maintaining a consistent tidal volume, or respiratory rate.