A CPAP device is covered following a clinical evaulation and positive diagnosis with a type III Home Sleep Test. All of our test's are interpreted by our Board Certified Sleep Specialiast, Gregory Carnvale, M.D. who has practices in Geneva and Penn Yan New York.

Medicare and almost all private insurers recognize HST for reimbursement. Sleep continues to evolve in this regard. Some insurers, including Medicare, require the study be read by a Boarded Sleep Specialist, some don't. Some insurers have requirements for diagnosis. For example, Empire requires that a patient must have a Epworth Sleepiness Scale Score of 10 or over, must have a BMI of 30 or more, must have witnessed apnea and snoring. Most insurers do not have this strict diagnosis and require that a patient must be suspected of moderate to severe sleep apnea to qualify for a HST. On the order form provided below, be sure and check ALL diagnosis that apply to any one patient. Our charge is $249 per test, including the intrepretation. Many patients may opt for this option for a variety of reasons not limited to; High deductible, co-pays, or convenience. 

Home sleep testing is used only to detect obstructive sleep apnea. It is not a replacement for testing in a sleep center, which is needed to detect other sleep disorders or to test more medically complicated patients. Among the information collected through the type III home sleep testing includes airflow, respiratory effort, pulse, oxygen saturation, and snoring. Type III sleep testing has been approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Medicare, and most private insurers.

The HST offers many advantages for your patients:

 - Convenience, ease and comfort - the patient is able to spend the night in their own bed and in familiar surroundings.

 - Cost savings - the cost of a home sleep test is only a fraction of the cost of an in-lab sleep test.

 - Patients may be more willing to seek diagnosis and treatment with this new option

 - Direct referral by the PCP.

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Click here for a copy of an Epworth Sleepiness Scale, which may be used as part of the evaluation of your patient prior to their Home Sleep Test.

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