Most insurance companies including Medicare, now allow for Home Sleep Testing ordered by your physician. Our home sleep tests are evaluated by a registered sleep technologist and interpreted by our Board Certified Sleep Physician.

What is Home Sleep Testing?

Home sleep testing (HST) is used by physicians to diagnose disturbed breathing patterns during sleep  commonly known as "sleep apnea". But unlike a traditional in lab sleep test; or polysomnogram, which are used to diagnose a multitude of sleep disturbances, Home Sleep Testing can only diagnose sleep disordered breathing. It involves the use of a portable-monitoring system that is small enough for you to use at home.

Is HST Right for Me?

Only your doctor can determine if Home Sleep Testing is right for you. But, in most cases where sleep apena is suspected, HST is completely appropriate and effective.

How does HST Work?
Home Sleep Testing is simple. It records your breathing efforts while you sleep from sensors near your nose and an elastic belt around your chest. Your blood oxygen levels and pulse are monitored by a sensor on your fingertip. The procedure is painless, and placement of the belts and sensors is quick and easy. Watch the 5 min video below:

 Should you have any questions, our staff is only a phone call away to help guide you. Instructions will be provided to you at the time your test is scheduled including contact information for your specific test. In the morning, simply follow the instructions provided to return your equipment. The results will be available to you within a few days. Your physician will review this information with you for treatment options if necessary.

Sounds Easy, How Do I Get Started?

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